What is unity in the Church?

Unity in the church is sometimes misunderstood as uniformity, but as we are all different individuals in the way we think, behave and worship,  unity has other connotations.

Unity involves  respect, acceptance of diversity, working together, listening, co-operation, forgiveness, tolerance, love and communication .  That’s quite a list! It’s a list that those who still belong to the church must work hard at, as the community of faith

In each situation where we find that we may have disunity  and problems may occur or have occurred, we have to find strategies to seek for unity.  It is as if it has to roll around in our whole being, in our minds, in our hearts, in our awareness and take us back to the prayer Jesus prayed for his disciples : John 17: 11 “….that they may be one.” I guess we have to rethink our own priorities, look at things in a different way and be prepared to incorporate that list at the top of the page into our every thought, action and prayer, however we may perform the latter. And it’s not easy but it’s worthwhile, because when we learn to deal with ideas, opinions, and attitudes that are sometimes very different to anything we may have thought of, our lives begin to follow more closely that of the Jesus we see in the written gospels.

As 21st century Christians “unity in diversity” is our mantra.

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